6 Great Ice Cream Gifts For All Seasons

By gregor_y Flickr.

It’s way too cold to eat ice cream, at least it’s too frigid for me!  So why not buy yourself—or an ice cream loving friend—some ice cream kitsch? It comes in many forms–ceramics, bath towels, even Elvis ice cream cone Christmas tree ornaments! Read about it here:

It’s winter and few people are thinking about that delicious, but frosty dessert, ice cream. So I was shocked to learn that ice cream-themed kitsch seems to be everywhere. For much of its history, ice cream was a dessert only rich folks could afford. There were even elaborate ice cream dishes and utensils for serving and eating the treat. But ice cream sandwich costumes and ice cream Christmas tree ornaments? That’s definitely a recent trend. There are also ice cream towels, ice cream bowls, ice cream costumes and ice cream items that look like Elvis. It may be cold outside, but ice cream novelties are definitely hot! So you don’t need to wait until summer to make a gift of ice cream. Here are some items—some wacky, some useful— that will be sure to please every ice cream lover:



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