Best Cupcakes in New York Area? Greenport’s Butta’ Cakes Delivers Bliss


Update: Butta’ Cakes Birthday Cakes: The Best in NY Area?

If you’re looking for a great cupcake–one of the best I’ve sampled–you’ll have to drive a couple of hours to Greenport on Long Island’s North Fork. There, you’ll find vineyards laced with vines just beginning to bud. But the sumptuous cupcakes at new Greenport Bakery Butta’ Cakes are more intoxicating than the local wines. In fact, for pure carb delight, I’d go with these cupcakes over a glass of North Fork vino any day of the week.

In Greenport, the charming seaport town on the spine of land that’s flanked by Peconic Bay and Long Island Sound, owner Marc LaMaina just opened up Butta’ Cakes on Main Street this past weekend. Now, the heavenly treats are rolling out of the new bake shop’s ovens.

Owner LaMaina spent the last several years working at a bakery in South Carolina, and his pastry chef, Christine Thompson, attends a local community college culinary school. At one point, she was a cake decorator for the bakery section of a supermarket. But this woman is much more than a grocery store baker.

One Butta’ Cakes cupcake I’ll come back for is composed of vanilla cake with Italian meringue butter cream frosting. Airy, yet rich the cake was the perfect complement to the luscious buttery frosting. Other combinations include Belgian chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, Guinness cake (yes, it’s made with the beer), and a luscious looking lemon cake topped with a lemon-vanilla frosting.

As we stepped outside the shop onto Main Street, three beefy guys were standing nearby, each one downing fistfuls of cupcakes. “Mmmm,” they sighed with each bite, rolling their eyes heavenward.

The cupcakes are priced at 2.75 each, with one dozen for $30.

LaMaina  says they’ll be offering up cookies soon. Breakfast is being planned as well, with selections consisting of  fresh croissants, danish and muffins. By summer, the bakery hopes to to offer a simple menu of egg sandwiches made on their  fresh baked bread. A cheese and dessert fondue menu will be on tap soon, from 7 pm-11 pm.

Butta’ Cakes
119 Main St.
Greenport, NY
631 477-6666


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