Best Potato Chips in NY Area? Try Chips at Southold’s Piping Plover on the North Fork

Potato chips fall into two categories: natural, hand-cut varieties like those offered up at the Piping Plover in Southold on the North Fork of Long Island, or too-salty chips with a taste and texture like cardboard.

At Piping Plover, they make their own potato chips from hand-sliced potatoes. Owner Ken Myers says the dark russet potatoes come from Hallock Farms, a local grower. The potato chips are finished with “a light dusting of garlic, salty and pepper,” he said.  There’s also a vinegar and salt variety. The chips come packaged in a simple brown paper bag and cost a couple of bucks.

What we liked: buttery, crispy potatoey chips, with only the lightest sprinkling of salt. These are chips for folks who like their snack to taste like potatoes without much salt or seasoning, definitely my preference. They’re a tad too greasy, but you can take care of that with a paper napkin. Plus, I love how they come scooped into a plain brown paper bag.

What we didn’t like: Hubby: Not enough salt. Daughter: soggy.

The Piping Plover also serves salads, sandwiches and a variety of snack fare.

Piping Plover Cafe

53345 Route 25
Southold, NY 11971-4643
631 765 5055

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