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Passover Food App: What Would Moses Think?


Photo via Flickr by Aramand Agasi

Moses would plotz. Or maybe, given what a rush he was in to get the Children of Israel out of Egypt, he’d be thrilled at the idea of a Passover app with a nice a selection of matzoh. So much easier than baking those wheat crackers on the run.

You can download the app, OUR Kosher–it’s from the Orthodox Union which certifes kosher foods–on Android and iPhones for free. There you’ll find a small selection of kosher for Passover foods, and a much bigger one of regular kosher products. There’s Matzoh with Provence Herbs and Matzoh with Bran–not a bad idea given the intestine-clogging attributes of the traditional wafers. There’s also Passover-ready buffalo wings and Passover carrot cake.

This app is far from perfect. It’s simply a list of available products. You can’t order directly and there are no graphics. And when you tap on some choices, an error message comes back.

But it’s a start. One Moses may well have appreciated during his long trek through the dessert.

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