Chelsea: Gluten-free Yucca-Cheese Roll from Big Booty Bread Company Satisfies

Finding something savory, satisfying and gluten-free for a breakfast on the run isn’t always easy. But at the Big Booty Bread Co. on 23rd St, you can get your needs met for a mere $1.75 with the bakery’s crunchy, rich—and gluten-free—cheese-yucca roll.

Pan de Yucca.  Photo: by rhiannondavid via flickr.

Pan de Yucca. Photo: by rhiannondavid via flickr.

Dubbed the “Cheese Rock” by owner Jose Rojas, the treat is is actually pan de yucca, a traditional Colombia bread. It’s made with yucca flour; the white cheese, queso blanco; eggs and butter, Rojas explained.

The roll derives from “a family” recipe, he said. His parents who have owned Don Ricky Colombian Bakery in Elizabeth, New Jersey for over 30 years, have long produced the savory treat.

Big Booty also displays in its simple shop croissants, muffins, cakes and its signature red velvet cup cake.

Big Booty Bread Co.
261 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011
212 414 3056

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