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Upper West Side: Artie’s Deli Offers a Fresser’s Dream–A Pastrami Burger

For those who think there’s never too much of a good thing, check out the pastrami burger at Artie’s Deli. Even fressers should take their Lipitor before indulging.  Here’s a review from the Westside Independent:

pastrami burger

By Pervaiz Shallwani
A few weeks ago, we read with some interest about Salt Lake City being home to, of all things, a culture of pastrami burgers. Then we learned this belly-busting mix of down home America meets Jewish deli was right here in our backyard.

Of course, it was not a surprise that the meat-on-meat sandwich was at Artie’s Deli, the homage to since-passed Artie Cutler, the man behind that puzzlingly beloved American-Italian eating establishment Carmines. If a heaping burger is not enough, the Pastrami Burger, comes topped with, yup, a sandwich helping of homemade shaved pastrami.

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