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Event: Drink Booze and Hear About Ice Cream Sodas




Photo: Hamilton Conservation Authority via Flickr.

Yes, I know, summer’s over. So what am I doing talking about ice cream? I should be talking about pumpkins. Or maybe turkeys.

Well, ice cream’s one of those treats that people love 24/7, 365 days a year. So even though it’s almost Halloween, I’m doing two events in the coming weeks where I’m talking about ice cream history and reading from my book Ice Cream: A Global History.

The first is in San Francisco Oct. 9 at Omnivore Books on Food. The second, part of the reading series Drink.Think, is in New York, where I’ll be part of a group reading about drinks, mostly alcoholic—except I’m reading about the sweet and innocent cream soda. (See below for details.)




Here’s the info.  Hope to see you there!

Omnivore Books of Food, San Francisco

Oct 9, 2012


3885 Cesar Chavez Street San Francisco, CA

415 282 4712

Drink: Think, New York, New York

 October 16, 2012

The bar will be open starting at 6pm – the reading starts at 7pm

Obra Negra, below Casa Mezcal

86 Orchard Street

212 777 2600

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Where to Watch the Super Bowl on the Upper West Side

Chicken wings are a popular football food. But they usually don't look this good.

The Super Bowl is coming—without the Jets, of course. Still, it’s kind of a national holiday. Bar and restaurant owners on the Upper West Side are  offering up food and drink  that you can mindlessly consume while watching 350-pound men pummel each other.

There are no rules when it comes to making food for Super Bowl fans, because they will eat almost anything, so long as they can pick it up with their fingers and wash it down with a cold beer. Here are some places to watch the game ( The Super Bowl is at 6 p.m. on Feb. 6):

Blondie’s, 79th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway: If you’re looking for a real sports bar, you’ve come to the right place. It can get very crowded, so get there early if you want a seat.

The Abbey Pub, 105th Street and Broadway. Expect a boisterous crowd.

The Parlour, 86th street, just west of Broadway. A solid Irish pub.

Bourbon Street, Between 79th and 80th Street on Amsterdam: Beer specials abound at this popular somewhat dive-y spot.

Lanksy’s, 71st Street and Columbus: The Jewish-style deli is offering a $15 all-you-can-eat wings special, and beer specials for the games.

And for a non-Upper West Side experience…

Central Bar, 9th Street off of 3rd Avenue. Good football crowds and tasty food.

By Avi Salzman and Laura Weiss

— Avi Salzman

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NY Outdoor Dining: New Bar/Lounge Opens in Palace Hotel

I stopped by the Palace Gate last week, the new 75-seat outdoor spot that’s been set up in the courtyard of New York’s Palace Hotel on Madison Avenue.

The Palace Hotel has outfitted the space as a lounge/cafe offering up cocktails and small bites. I’m sure it’s a lovely spot for a drink and a sit down.

But the night I was there, it was raining cats and dogs. So the whole scene moved inside the hotel, the former Villard House, an over-the-top pile that’s festooned with carved moldings and lots of gold leaf.  You might have thought an Italian palazzo had plopped down in the middle of Midtown.

Palace Gate, Palace Hotel, New York.

Palace Gate, Palace Hotel, New York.over-the-top 19th century pile adorned with intricate ceiling moldings, plush furnishings and lots of gold leaf.

Still, even with Palace Gate’s temporary weather-induced indoor locale, I got the basic idea. Or at least I got the idea of the food and the drinks, which are supplied by Gilt, the high-end eatery at the hotel. There were cocktails–many of the classic variety. I sipped a Pimm’s Cups No. 1, which is a refreshing drink made with lemonade, Granny Smith apples, ginger beer, and cucumber. Very tasty.  As I later learned, the English aristocracy imbibe this particular concoction at Wimbledon and at regattas and such.  It was all very posh.

My favorite small plates were French fries laced with truffles. To be honest, with the economy in the doldrums and so many people out of work, the idea of a snack food made with pricey delicacies was a wee bit off putting.  Still, who am I to turn down a truffle? I scarfed down a bunch of fries, and they were yummy.

Even with the upscale ingredients, you don’t have to break the bank to take a seat at a table in this new courtyard lounge.  If you limit yourself to a couple of dishes–other items include a Gilt burger and thin crust pizza– and a drink or two, the tab isn’t stratospheric, especially for a Midtown spot.  Prices are mostly in the low teens for the small plates.

And if I’m looking for a place for nibble before hitting the 70 percent off sale at Saks–one can only hope!–Palace Gate would be a great place for a rest stop.

Palace Gate
Palace Hotel
455 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 888-7000


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