Upper West Side: Cauliflower and Pizza? Yes!

Yesterday, I was looking for a light lunch. I strolled into Grandaisy Bakery, a tiny storefront on 72nd and Broadway, right next to Grey’s Papaya, the hot dog joint.

A steady stream of customers was shuffling in and out of the diminutive eatery. I caught sight of a slice of cauliflower pizza. It could be great…or it could be awful.

This sumptuous slice was fantastic. Laced with Gruyere cheese and lightly topped with olive oil, the pizza was surprisingly flavorful and the crust was exceptionally tender. The taste of the cauliflower came through but was rendered mellow by the addition of the cheese.

The place, which also has an outpost on Sullivan Street (No. 73), has cakes and cookies if you need something sweet to finish your meal.

Grandaisy Bakery
176 W. 72nd St.
New York, NY
212 334 8412

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