Which Restaurants Are Open Christmas Day on the Upper West Side and Elsewhere in New York

By j.o.h.n. walker via Flickr.

Your Aunt Tilly doesn’t feel like cooking her usual Christmas feast. And you don’t relish the stress of pulling it all together. For one, there’s the shopping marathon. Then there’s the need to cater to a variety of food allergies and sensitivities. This one doesn’t eat dairy. That one is gluten intolerant.

What to do?

This year an unprecedented number of restaurants are open Christmas Day on the Upper West Side and throughout the city.

And they’re not all Chinese. Want to impress your mother? Take her to Le Bernadin, which is open Christmas Day.

Why stay open on what’s normally a day of rest for restaurant workers? The reason is simple. Business is down and it’s an opportunity to ring the cash register a few more times before year end.


By charlesfettinge via Flickr.

Alternatively, if Chinese and a movie is your typical Christmas fare—and you’ve failed to receive your invite to share Kung Pau Chicken with Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan—New York Magazine has a handy list of Chinese joints. Click on Chinese-and-a-Movie

So extend some Christmas cheer to your favorite restaurants:

5 Napkin Burger (Open Table)

Alouette (Newyorkology)

Big Daddy’s – Upper West Side (Open Table)

Bodrum Turkish Mediterranean (Open Table)

Del Posto Christmas Eve (New York) 

Fatty Crab (Eater)

Gotham Bar & Grill Christmas Eve (New York Magazine)

Josephina (Open Table)

Le Bernardin (Eater)

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