My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Junk Food Chronicles

These days, junk food and snack food are under constant attack. But love that sugar and trans fats or hate ‘em, whether it’s Ring Dings or Milky Ways, these iconic foods are American as apple pie. So says Andy Smith, the noted culinary historian in his newly released book, The Encyclopedia of Junk Food and [...]


Izzie, who offs her boyfriend/patient Denny at the end of last season’s Grey’s Anatomy, takes up serious, frenzied, marathon muffin-making as a form of gustatory self-administered grief counseling. I get it: casseroles, coffee cake, funerals, death, grief. But muffins? That’s a new one. Is there a recipe at least?? Get that girl back to the [...]


I needed an oven thermometer and I was already in Zabar’s buying Parmesan Chicken for dinner. So, I clambered upstairs to the housework department, chock-a-block with cooking implements, from pastry cutters to espresso makers. Dangling from a display rack was a dizzying assortment of newfangled digital and plain, old-fashioned thermometers, at every price point. I [...]

Red Hook Diner

If you’re traveling up the Taconic Parkway to upstate New York, you might be tempted to stop at the Historic Village Diner in Red Hook, NY. If you’re a diner fanatic, definitely do make a pit stop to see the classic deco diner interior, turquoise trim set off by gleaming stainless steel surfaces. If you’re [...]

Italy: Which is best?

The New York Times Food Section has pitted Emilia-Romagna against Piedmont. Why force readers to choose between agnolotti and tortellini? Each has its gustatory delights. It seems like a silly, trumped up competition. Apparently, Piedmont has “an edge” because its food is concentrated in the middle of a meal or the center of a plate.” [...]