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Food Fight

Today’s New York Times has a story about British school children who turn up their noses at schools’ new healthy lunch menus. Lots of kids are bringing bag lunches. In an interview I did last week with Bill Telepan, chef of the eponymous restaurant on the Upper West Side, for School Library Journal’s Extra Helping, Telepan said that if we just feed kids healthy stuff like carrots and broccoli and eliminate the junk, all kids, just like his five-year old daughter, will love their veggies. If kids don’t know sweets and fats, they won’t miss them, is his theory. Of course, the chef, whose eatery was ranked the best new restaurant in NY by Zagat’s, was puffing on a cigarette while extolling the virtues of healthy eating. Do what I say, not what I do?

Telepan also reflected on the significance of food to major family events. Food, he said, defines our family memories; from weddings to funerals, what we remember is what we eat. At the wake of a family friend, he recalled, everyone was reminiscing about the deceased woman’s memorable meringue pie.

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