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Delovely Dulce De Leche

Hold the steak and bring on the dulce de leche, the south-of-the-border confection that is a cousin of caramel but oh so much better! At our hotel in Buenos Aires, the wonderful Sofitel with exquisite service and comfortable rooms, they served three kinds with breakfast — light (who wants that??), regular, and pastry. The pastry variety was too heavy, the light, was well, too light, but the regular was just right.

Spread it like jam on any type of bread; croissants add another step up in richness to a buttery sweet jam-like food that possesses a slight tangy after-taste. But it’s also great on waffles, and mixed into ice cream, it’s pure heaven.

If you’re in BA, stop by Tikal Chocolates in Palermo Soho, (Honduras 4890, Tel: 15 4831 2242) for ambrosial gelati, (they stud it with home made chocolates) and jars of superior dulce de leche.

In Bariloche, a touristy town that’s a Patagonian gateway to the incredible snow-capped peaks of the Andes and crystal-clear glacial lakes, you can hike through forests of gnarly Arrayan trees, a species of myrtle, gaze upon unending mountain vistas, and then reward yourself with a trip to Bariloche’s chocolate shops. One of the best is Mamuschuka, which carries a wide assortment of chocolates, including some with dulce de leche centers.

It’s tough to find real dulce de leche in the U.S. and there are lots of pretenders, including a chocolate drink and a cheese concoction that call themselves dulce de leche. For a supply of the authentic stuff, check out La Tienda, which carries a full range of Spanish products.

The Food Network offers this recipe:

Dulce de Leche
Recipe courtesy Michelle Bernstein

4 cups milk 2 cups sugar 1 teaspoon baking soda Vanilla extract
Scald milk in heavy bottom sauce pan. Add all other ingredients, cook on medium low until it turns into caramel, about 1 hour.

Or, check out this typical recipe, courtesy of Wikipedia, but boiling cans is tricky, so cuidado!

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    Yummy dolce de leche!
    Häagen-Dazs makes a pretty good Dolce de Leche ice cream in the U.S…. still NOT the real Argentine thing, but tasty.

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