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The Bettah Butchah

I stopped by our butcher today, Oppenheimer’s on the Upper West Side, to pick up a brisket for Hanukkah dinner. I love Anthony the butcher. After extolling the virtues of the nice piece of beef he had splayed across the top of the counter, he exclaimed, “it’s like buttah!” We’ll see when I cook it tomorrow night. My hubby can’t understand why I pay extra to go to Oppenheimer’s. “Why not go to Fairway? It’s cheaper,” he mumbles.

But I don’t get Anthony the Butcher at Fairway. I feel very lucky that I live in New York where butchers still ply their trade.

Bob, the other butcher, is the owner and if you’re so inclined can provide an update on the goings on in the ‘hood, including which small shop owner has been driven out lately by high rents.

Deliveries over $50.00 get a 10 percent discount and if you bring a friend along to the shop with you the next time you’re in a meat mood, you get 10 percent off too.

For the back story on Oppenheimers, read this piece in the New York Times.


2606 Broadway (@ 98th Street)
New York, NY 10025
Telephone: 212.662.0246
Facsimile: 212.662.6095

9am - 7pm – Monday through Friday
10am - 5pm – Saturday
Closed – Sunday

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