My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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CT Dogs

I love road food and sometimes I overdo it, like this weekend. The result? When I eat hot dogs, plus banana cream pie, plus coconut custard pie, well, I get sick as a… dog. So, this will be a short dispatch. Have to get back to my rice and Gatorade. We used to spend a [...]

Kids Get their Own Food Market

I never do seem to be able to get to the New York Times food section until the end of the week. When I do, there’s always something that gets under my skin. Take a report in Florence Fabricant’s column that kids now have their own food market. I’m sorry, but this is over the [...]

East Village Ukrainian

“How do you like the borscht, darling?” the waitress at Veselka asked. With a Max Brenner chocolate place on one corner and a Starbucks on the other, Veselka and a few other places are all that’s left of what used to be a sizable Ukrainian stronghold in the East Village. But for the moment, I [...]

BMI in Kids

Yesterday, the New York Times wrote about the pros and cons of schools grading kids on their BMIs (Body Mass Index). As the Times reports, and as I reported in School Library Journal in April , the practice of sending home so-called “obesity” report cards, is spreading. Says the Times: The practice of reporting students’ [...]

DiFara Pizza

As everyone knows, DiFara’s is rated the best pizza in New York, some say the universe. So, it was with great anticipation that the hubby and I set out for the place. It’s located on Avenue J in Midwood, an ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Brooklyn, so yesterday, Saturday, the street was largely deserted. DiFara’s sticks out [...]