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Samba Time

Yesterday, my friend Stephanie and I were desperate for a restroom. We were on Avenue A, scoping out various unappealing options when we stumbled into Samba-Le on Avenue A at 2nd Street. We had a few minutes to kill before seeing the Vagina Monologues at at the Agni Gallery.

So, there we were sitting at the bar. And first thing, the bartender rightly chews me out for confusing Samba with Tango. Oops. But though we only had a glass of wine, the place looks like something to check out. Brazilian food and samba, what could be bad?

For more on Brazil from someone who knows the food and culture inside out, check out This Little Piglet to find out about the best meal in Brazil.

As for the Vagina Monologues, the star of this ensemble effort was Therese Plummer, an up and coming actor and a huge talent.


23 Avenue A
212 529 2919

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  • Lia

    Laura, it’s always good to know about other Brazilian places in the city. I have a few of my favorites, but have never checked out this one. And thanks for mentioning my Brazil posts on This Little Piglet!

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