My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Wine Review: Bruno Giacosa’s Wines

From our wine critic, David Neuman…Even the most avid wine lovers sometimes question why they spend so much time, money and energy on their obsession. We may have come to wine through a singular, transforming experience with a sensational bottle. But the more wines we drink, the rarer those experiences become. Too many extravagantly touted [...]

San Francisco: Ferry Terminal Market

It’s amazing to travel to the San Francisco area and see that produce can be fresh and enticing at a time -early spring — when in New York the Greenmarket is just emerging from its winter slumber. At the Ferry Terminal Market in San Francisco, there are only a few produce stands but the oranges, [...]

San Francisco Food: Hog Island Oyster Company

Last week, I was in Phoenix and San Francisco. The Ferry Terminal market in San Francisco (no, I don’t mean the farmers’ market, which unfortunately, I missed), is brimming with fabulous food finds. I’ll report on those later this week, plus a terrific market in Rockridge in the East Bay. For starters, you can’t go [...]

Dulce De Leche in Jackson Heights

Calling all dulce de leche fans. Sarah Savage, a native of Buenos Aires, says Panaderia La Nueva in Jackson Heights has unbelievable treats made with the ethereal spread. Among them are masas fina con dulce de leche, meringues with dulce de leche, and churros with the heavenly treat that’s consumed throughout much of South America. [...]

Upper West Side Restaurant: Gennaro

Sorry, I don’t know what the fuss is about. Gennaro on Amsterdam Ave. on the Upper West Side is just not very good, but it’s hugely popular. The place is crowded and noisy and people were waiting for a table. Maybe that’s because the place is in the 90s and there isn’t exactly a surfeit [...]