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Calling All Halvah Lovers

Don’t miss a great exhibit mounted by the New York Food Museum, “100 Years of Joyva,” beginning July 1 at a gallery on the Lower East Side.

As the press release states, Joyva is a halvah and candy company and one of “Brooklyn’s treasures.” When I wrote a story for The New York Daily News on Passover candy, I featured Joyva. Located in Bushwick, the place is a modern rendition of Charlie’s chocolate factory. When you walk in to the sawdust covered floors, workers are stirring gigantic copper pots of tahini for the halvah. In the next room, a huge machine pumps out liquid chocolate to cover the jelly rings and other Passover treats the company creates.

Family owned since its inception, the company is still overseen by the slightly curmudgeonly but delightful Milton Radutzy who is nearing his 61st year at the company. Richard Radutzy (3rd generation) and Sandy Wiener (4th generation), now helm one of the few candy companies still operating in New York; it was founded in 1907 by Sandy and Richard’s grandfather, a Russian-Jewish immigrant. In the candy company’s office hang oil portraits of the founding brothers; hopefully, this Brooklyn treasure will continue to thrive.

100 Years of Joyva
Mark Miller Gallery
92 Orchard St.
July 1-through August

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