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Great Site for Vegetarians: Whorebivore

For those of you who shun meat but love (or just like) a meat eater, there’s a site that makes it much easier for the two of you to dine together.

Here’s how Whorebivore describes it’s mission:

Here at Whorebivore, we think vegetarians and meat-eaters ought to get along. They ought even to dine out together. So in the spirit of the olive branch, the posts on this site describe vegetarian offerings at eateries in New York City ranging from chip shops to churrascarias to Chester’s Fried.

The site examines restaurants neighborhood by neighborhood. For example, in Chelsea, here are the veggie goodies they found at La Luncheonette:

La Luncheonette
130 10th Avenue (between 18th and 19th Streets)
Goat cheese puff pastry with greens, $7.50Roast carrot and fennel soup, $7Sauteed portabella, $7.

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