My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Upper West Side: Buttercup Bake Shop

Every time I enter the Buttercup Bake Shop, a narrow bakery on the Upper West Side featuring cupcakes and other baked desserts, it’s mobbed. People seem to love this place, spawned by an ex-Magnolia bakery owner. I have to confess, I don’t get it. Yes, the bustling bakery looks appealing, with layer cakes topped with [...]

Upper West Side: New Coffee Place

As upper Broadway turns into one big bank branch, a stretch of Amsterdam in the low 90′s is sprouting coffee places. There’s Gilileo on the corner of Amsterdam and 94th, and now half a block away sits Sugar Loaf Coffee and Roaster. Though the coffee is nothing all that special, it feels good to walk [...]

New Amsterdam Market Update

From the folks at New Amsterdam Public, a new market trying to take root downtown. They held a one day event a couple of weeks ago in the old Fulton Fish market, which apparently drew thousands: On Sunday, December 16th, WINTERMARKET, our all-day event at the New Market Building (former home of the Fulton Fish [...]

Teddie’s Apple Cake

I don’t know how I missed this, but the New York Times Magazine on Nov. 11 reminisced about one of the great desserts of all time-Teddie’s Apple Cake. I’ve been making this yummy, coffee-cake like treat for years. Lately, my daughter made it so that it’s gluten and dairy free. Amazingly, it was still delicious. [...]

Bruni’s Best: Let’s Agree to Disagree

In today’s Times, Frank Bruni picks his top restaurants for 2007. His take for the year? Casual is in; stuffy is out. But, frankly, that’s not really news. Casual has been in for a long, long time. Yes, attaching a market to your eatery to show you’re earthy bona fides is a new wrinkle, but [...]