My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Upper East Side: Yura and Company for Yummy Cakes and other Treats

This Carnegie Hill standby serves simply terrific bakery products and other take-out food. Whether it’s a muffin, scone or mini-cupcake, the quality is extremely high. We gobbled down a chocolate cupcake and a bran muffin. Both were yummy. There’s also a variety of take-out foods if you want something a bit more substantial. If there’s [...]

Nolita: Astor Center Class on the Elements of Flavor

Want to understand what you’re tasting, and why? Take Renee Marton, CCP and Margaret Happel Perry’s class at the Astor Center. The Elements of Flavor Each class will be prefaced by a detailed examination of the physiological process that governs your taste experiences (to be repeated briefly at the beginning of each subsequent session). There [...]

Grammercy: Second Ave. Deli’s Devine Chopped Liver

On my way to work, I stopped by the Second Avenue Deli to get an order of chopped liver. To me, a deli’s bona fides are affirmed by the quality its liver, just like a coffee shop’s chops are certified by the crispy-gooyness of its grilled cheese. Well, this is one fine chopped liver. In [...]

Grammercy: Resto Rises Above the Rest

As Ed Levine has already noted, if you’re on a heart-healthy diet, don’t go to Resto, the Belgian-inspired gastro pub. For everyone else, this place serves terrific, reasonably priced grub. We started out with deviled eggs perched on crispy pork toast. This rich sumptuous dish hit all the right notes-a nice crunch from the pork [...]

Food Trends: Ofal and Cotton Candy

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has compiled a list of some of the food trends they think will have traction in 2008. Among them, a return to traditional candies, like cotton candy, and a broadening interest in ofal, which of course is already big among New York chefs. Also, weird spice parings may be in, like [...]