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Chipotle, other food concerns go local

The Washington Post describes how Chipotle and other food companies are making efforts to source local ingredients. This is where real food change will occur-with the big institutional feeders and chains, not at the local farmer’s market.

In Trial Run, Chipotle Heads to the Farm
For Chains, Buying Locally Still Means a Long Journey

By Jane Black
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 26, 2008; F01

CHARLOTTESVILLE — When Chipotle Mexican Grill executives decided to begin serving local pork from one of the most famous farmers in America, they did the opposite of what most big companies would do when jumping on the latest trend. They said nothing.

There was no fanfare or official announcement. Even when the pork turned up in the first carnitas burrito last summer, no change was made to the menu or the $5.75 price. It wasn’t until last fall, two months after Polyface Farm’s pork made its debut, that a sign was posted on the days it was available. “We wanted to start slow, for us and for them,” says Phil Petrilli, Chipotle’s operations director for the northeast region. “This is a farm that’s used to dropping off 12 chickens at the local restaurant.” One of the fastest-growing chains in the nation, Chipotle serves about 350 pounds of pork per week in Charlottesville alone and more than 5 million pounds annually at its 700 restaurants. More

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