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Theater District: Mee Noodle Shop

If you can ignore the grungy decor, the surly waitresses, and the uncomfortable seating, it’s hard to find a better pre-theater deal than Mee’s.

There’s an endless selection of noodle soups-noodles with roast pork, noodles with shrimp, noodles with fried fish cake, and on and on. And you get a big, hearty bowl of soup-which constitutes a filling, satisfying meal-for around $5.00. Add some spinach to your soup, and you have a complete meal!

And if you’re looking for some authentic Broadway vibes, the diminutive place is usually filled with Broadway actors, stagehands, and other theater folk.

Mee Noodle Shop

795 9th Ave.
New York, NY 10019-5638
212 765 2929

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