My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Upper West Side: Symphony Space’s Unwined Opens for Lunch

Tucked into a corner of Symphony Space, the Upper West Side cultural center at Broadway and 95th, is Unwined, an unpretentious little spot for a light lunch or perhaps a glass of wine. Up until recently, Unwined was open only when Symphony Space performances were scheduled. Now, the hours have been expanded to 11 a.m [...]

Coney Island: Totonno’s Pizza Doesn’t Match DiFarra’s Pie

If you’re in Coney Island, Totonno’s makes a fine pizza. Does it best its Brooklyn rival, DiFara’s in Midwood? Not in my opinion. At Totonno’s, an old time storefront with bubbling pots of tomato sauce and vats of mozzarella, the atmosphere reeks authenticity. There’s a tin ceiling and a pizzaiolo sporting a green pork-pie hat. [...]

East Village: Learn How to Build a Sustainable Food Business

If you want to ditch the rat race, move into the slow lane, and gratify your food passion, attend this Slow Food event. You’ll learn from Anne Saxelby, the cheesemonger, and Rick Field, the pickle guy, how they got their businesses off the ground. Join successful, local, slow entrepreneurs Anne Saxelby, of Saxelby Cheesemongers, and [...]

A Passover Treat: Cooking Jewish

Don’t you wish you had collected your families recipes into a cookbook to share with all the world? Well, that’s what Judy Bart Kancigor did and the result is Cooking Jewish, a totally delightful collection of her family’s recipes cum memoir. It’s replete with charming family lore and photos, not to mention over 500 recipes. [...]

Just in Time for Passover: The Gefilte Fish Chronicles

If you’ve never seen the Gefilte Fish Chronicles, the story of the Dubroff sisters’ annual Passover gefilte fish-making marathon, you’re not properly prepped for Passover. Even if you hate gefilte fish, this video is not to be missed. You’ll be introduced to the intricacies of making homemade fish and other Passover staples, like cholent. And, [...]