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West Village: Think Coffee Serves Up Great Java

Why do I have to go to the Village for a good cup of coffee? Yes, the Upper West Side’s culinary scene is improving. But there are still some gaping holes. There are a few independent coffee brewers, but mostly it’s Starbucks and more Starbucks.

This morning I stoped at Think Coffee, the independent coffee place with one outpost in NYUland, just east of Washington Square, and the other on Bleeker and Bowery.

All I can say is the folks at Think brew one of the best cups of iced coffee I’ve ever sipped through a straw. It isn’t bitter. It isn’t acidic. It’s rich, smooth and mellow. It’s organic. The folks at Think Coffee use the cold-brew method, in which cold, filtered water is added to the coffee beans, which are left to brew overnight.

If you’re hungry, there’s wine and cheese. Plus, there’s an impressive array of grilled cheese sanwhiches.

I was too groggy to notice, but apparently, the guys who hang out there are cute and the food gets high marks.

Students say it’s a good place to study with comfy chairs and wi-fi.

Think Coffee
248 Mercer St.,
New York, NY 10012
212 228 6226

1 bleecker street
(corner of bowery & bleecker)
new york, NY

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