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Food Book: America’s Kitchens

It’s fitting that in the days before Thanksgiving, I found myself delving into a book about the history of American kitchens.

Even if I hadn’t read a word of America’s Kitchens, the lavish photos and illustrations would have been reason enough to spend time with this terrific volume about the room that is so central to every home.

From the New England hearth to the modern open-space kitchen that graces many suburban homes, the book traces the development of this essential room over the past 400 years.

Tracing the history of the kitchen, a room which defined a woman’s role for centuries, tells us how far we’ve come.  From the first-cast iron cookstove to modern appliances, the kitchen and the work that took place in it often defined women’s lives. And with every improvement in kitchen technology, women were freed from considerable drudgery.

This book also makes it clear how essential the kitchen is for defining who we are.  To be in a kitchen is to cook, certainly.  But it also is the place were  the generations share stories and experiences.

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