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Whole Foods: Will Open Late Summer/Fall at 98th and Columbus

For all you Upper West Side  worrywarts living north of 96th Street, the rumors that Whole Foods will not be opening its planned new store at 98th and Columbus are false, according to a Whole Foods spokesperson.

“We are indeed opening,” the Whole Foods rep wrote in an e-mail. “Store opening date has not been nailed down. However it is looking like it will most likely be late summer/early fall of 2009.”

That means, come later this year, the doors will swing open to all those pining for a decent grocer in the ‘hood.   Of course, a new Trader Joe’s is coming too, but that will require a hike down to 72nd Street and Broadway.

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    Whole Foods has taken down the “coming soon” banner. Can you please confirm with the above spokesman that they’re still planning on moving in? It keeps getting pushed back and now the sign is down and work appears to have really slowed down.

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    Laura Weiss:

    I walked over there the other day; there are signs plastered everywhere that Whole Foods is coming, along with other tenants. Whole Foods emailed me a few weeks ago that end of summer was the projected opening date. I’ll check in again in a month or so.

  4. 4

    Just walked by it. All the “Whole Foods” references are taped over with duct tape, while the other store names remain. Doesn’t look good.

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    Laura Weiss:

    Thanks, all the Whole Foods update. It doesn’t sound good. I’ll report back when I have more info from the company.

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