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Recession Hits Upper West Side Restaurants

Walking down Broadway on the Upper West Side these days is a lesson in the toll that the recession can take.  Stores are shuttering left and right.  It’s getting easier and easier to remember the 1970s, when the neighborhood was considerably shabbier than it is today.

Eateries seem to be closing their doors as well.  Sure, Dunkin’ Donuts is hanging on.  But some independently-owned places are falling by the wayside. Others are offering deeply discounted dining specials.

Here’s a partial list of shuttered restaurants, plus one that’s offering an extremely reasonably priced special.

Docks Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill.  A neighborhood mainstay on Broadway at 89th since the 1980s, Docks was a reliable place to take your mother-in-law for well-prepared seafood.  The all-you-can-eat oyster fest was a great deal too.  Now, you’ll have to travel to the East Side if you want to dine at this venerable seafood establishment.

Bloomingdale Road. Was it the so-so reviews or the recession that did this place in?  It was supposed to reinvent itself as a “tavern,” but word on the street is, this eatery at Broadway and 88th Street is gone for good.

Sura Thai Kitchen.  For much better than decent neighborhood Thai, Sura, located at Broadway and 101st Street, usually does the trick.  Now, they’re posting an $8 three-course lunch.  Normally, such a bargain would be cause for jubilation.  These days, it’s worrisome.  Could this bargain mean Sura is just a few steps away from shutting its doors?

Sun Chan.  Once situated between 103rd and 104, this Japanese had its fans.   Now, it’s closed.

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