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Alice Tully Hall Offers Sunny Place for a Snack


The renovated Alice Tully Hall, located on Broadway at Lincoln Center, was recently unveiled.  For years, Lincoln Center has sat back from Broadway, a bit aloof and distant from the neighborhood it inhabits.  But the newly refurbished glassed-in Alice Tully Hall actually seems to reach out to the street and embrace it.

Of course, the main reason to go to Alice Tully is to listen to music. The concert space boasts great acoustics. But as the days get warmer, the glass enclosed bar/cafe in the foyer is also an inviting place to  get a light bite to eat.alice-tullyinterior-21

The food is just so-so; the  the chicken salad sandwich and lentil soup we had one night last week were only ordinary.  Still, it was a pleasure to sit in the dining area, situated right inside the front door, and watch passersby on Broadway.

Plus, with the bench-like steps surrounding the building, people were already discovering that the outdoor area is a nice place to perch and eat a sandwich while chatting with a friend.


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