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East Side Butcher to Move to Upper West Side

Schatzie’s Prime Meats, a butcher that’s been located at 88th and Madison for 30 years, is moving to the Upper West Side.   The new location is 87th and Amsterdam.

Why the move across the Park?  “I want to get closer to California,” joked butcher Schatzie, the owner of the longtime Madison Avenue meat market, who added that the real reason for the move is that ” “rents have tripled” on his stretch of the Upper East Side.

Right now, there’s a stop work order slapped on the front door of the Amsterdam Avenue space, but assuming that that’s taken care of, the shop is planning to open in early April, perhaps in time for Passover.

Known for its top-quality meat and poultry, Schatzie’s also has gained fame for its “Dirty Brisket Sandwich.”  And the butcher gets raves for his rendition of roast beef on rye.  “His roast beef sandwich is a model of simple beefy deliciousness,” says Serious Eats.

Schatzie’s is moving into the recently vacated gift shop next to the Popover Cafe.  On the same block is Barney Greengrass, the dairy eatery.  For an area with a sizable population of observant Jews, it’s perhaps significant that the row of stores will now be bookended by a dairy restaurant on one end and a meat purveyor on the other.

Many neighborhood residents still mourn the departure of Oppenheimer’s last summer.  That butcher, who used to be located on Broadway and 100th, shut his retail operation completely. Perhaps the arrival of Schatzie’s will help fill that void.

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4 comments to East Side Butcher to Move to Upper West Side

  • Nina Cobb

    Barney Greengrass is not really a dairy restaurant. It’s just the perfect old fashioned, super high quality NYC deli. It serves roast beef, pastrami, corned beef and chopped liver.

  • Laura Weiss

    Thanks for the clarification. You’re right about that. Still, most people do go there for the dairy offerings.

  • Try Schatzie the Butcher - he has the best Dirty Brisket Sandwich; along with many other fine items. He has delicious chopped liver - go on give it a try.

  • Kitty Cohen

    The brisket sandwich was just okay, some of it a little tough. But the eggplant lasagna was awful-anybody who knows anything about food knows you don’t prepare eggplant al dente! I took it home and baked it again. He’s friendly and fun, though.

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