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Russ & Daughters vs Zabars & Barney Greengrass-For the Love of Lox

Should I revive the age old debate about who has the best lox in New York?

As an Upper West Sider, I divide my loyalty between  Zabar’s and  Barney Greengrass. But Russ & Daughters is one of the few authentic old time Jewish food places remaining on the Lower East Side. They do it right-from the sparkling white coats on the countermen and women to the sweet but briney aroma that hits you in the face when you walk in the door.

I’m particularly partial to their creamed herring-and their pot cheese is to die for.

Here is Astor Center’s Andy Fisher on why he loves Russ & Daughters:

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Russ & Daughters

1. When I won the contest to name their new blog (“Lox Populi”), R&D gave me a $100 gift certificate. I took it without blinking an eye.

2. My only form of religious observance is buying their hamantaschen during Purim.

3. They treat me well, because I know they have a French Jewess pastry chef held captive in their basement - how else could they get their rugelach so light and airy?

4. I love nagging them to get cameras with monitors displaying the slicing craft at work; start nagging them yourselves.

5. I hope someday to be given a white R&D smock for services rendered: to me, the equivalent of knighthood.

Event Details:

Russ & Daughters: A Taste of Appetizing
with Mark Russ Federman


Astor Center
399 Lafayette St. (at East 4th St.)
New York, NY
212 674 7501

Wed, May 13th, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

How Much?
Price: $45.00

There are only limited tickets available.

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