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NY Food Icons Are Center Stage at SF Serious Eats American Food Festival

Ed Levine of Serious Eats is giving the City by the Bay a bite out of the Big Apple, the San Francisco Chronicle reports today.  Levine is bringing in iconic American foods, like Philadelphia cheese steak, from around the country.  He’s striving for authenticity, so local is out, Great American Food and Music Festivaland the real deal is in.

For his Great American Food and Music Festival which takes place in Mountain View, CA, just south of San Francisco today, Levine is importing lox and cream cheese from Barney Greengrass and pastrami sandwiches from Katz’s.  Other cities will be represented at the festival, too, including Cincinnati, which will contribute Graeter’s ice cream and Buffalo, which will be represented by the Anchor Bar’s famous wings.

This festival sounds like a terrific way to honor the diversity of American food.   If you’re attending, what’s your take on the food?

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