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The Best Coffee and Pastries? Try NY’s Macchiato Espresso Bar

Last Friday, I was lugging my computer down 44th Street just east of Grand Central on my way to catch the Hampton Jitney.  I felt an urge for caffeine that could not be denied. You know the feeling. If you’re not inhaling coffee immediately-as in the next three minutes-you’re going to have yourself a good cry.

What’s your favorite coffee spot in NY?

Then I spotted Machiatto Espresso Bar, a coffee place that also serves up pastries and sandwiches. I’ve walked by it before, mostly on my way to catch the Jitney, which makes a stop at the corner of 44th and Third. But the scrum of coffee-craving suits crowding the place always kept me walking on by.

Last Friday morning around 9:30, I stopped in. Miraculously, Machiatto was relatively empty, so I ambled inside and ordered an iced coffee ($2.00/small, $2.75/medium, $3.75/large). Naturally, I needed something sweet to go along with my caffeine fix. So I had the pixieish barista snag a chocolate and hazelnut Danish for me ($2.75).

One bite and I was totally entranced by this buttery, flaky confection. Notably, it delivered an intense chocolate hit without being cloyingly sweet. “They’re homemade,” chirped the barista when I inquired after the provenance of these goodies that, truth be told, are more puff pastry than classic Danish.

Go for the coffee at Machiatto. It’s really good. Then throw calorie caution to the wind and throw yourself an impromptu party with their pastries. I haven’t tasted the other items on the menu-which include a yummy looking chocolate cigar-but I bet they’re mouthwatering as well.  There are also sandwiches, including a tuna, turkey and egg salad, all priced between $7.50 and $8.95.

141 East 44th Street
New York, NY
212 867 6772
M-F 7 a.m.  6 pm , SAT 10a.m. - 2 p.m.


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