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Sal the Pizza Maker of Sal and Carmine’s Dies

Ed Levine of Serious Eats writes a loving tribute to pizza maker Sal Malanga, who died recently.  As Levine points out, Sal was one of New York’s great pizza men.

Sal’s legacy will live on, says Levine:

I hailed a cab to take my pizza home. My son, Will, was watching the Mets-Yankees game. We each put a slice on a plate and took a bite. ‘This is such good pizza,’ Will said. I had to agree. So satisfying, so seriously delicious, and so Sal. Sal would have pizza-slicebeen proud.

Luciano (Sal’s grandson), along with Carmine, are doing everything Sal’s way, the right way, the only way.

And a charming reminiscence from the very talented playwright, Charlie Schulman:

Very sad news. Sal and Carmine’s was a staple of my diet for over ten years when I lived a block away from their place and was a young, starving writer. (Now I’m middle-aged and still hungry) Sometimes I would wait for Sal to open up the store at lunchtime. Or get the last slice of the night. They only made pizza. Sporadic delivery. A true “brother… Read More and brother” shop. Carmine was the “character” of the two. Sal took care of the business side. This was REAL, no frills, no foo-foo gourmet, New York pizza. Despite rising rents, they refused to buy lesser quality Mozzarella. Sometimes Carmine would hide the oregano and napkins to to save $. By far the best real pizza on the upper west side. For a long time above 96 street was a “no man’s land” that wasn’t even considered part of the Upper West Side. I rank it up there with Mimi’s Pizza on the Upper East Side. Another family pizza place that has been inherited and now run by Mimi’s son Steve. Long live “Sal And Carmines!”

Sal and Carmine’s
Broadway at 101st Street
New York, NY

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