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Pizza Find: Long Island Pie is Tops


It’s possible to stumble on great pizza in the most unexpected places. Take Mattituck on Long Island’s North Fork where we lucked into The Sicilian and its outstanding pies.

Mattituck is situated in the middle of Long Island’s North Fork. Abundant vineyards? Check.  Farmstands brimming with fresh-pick produce? Check. The shimmering waters of the Peconic? Check.

But great pizza?

With its substantial population of Italian Americans, Long Island is prime pizza territory. But the pizza at The Sicilian, a bare bones parlor in an unassuming strip mall, is nothing short of terrific.

Driving back to the city, we stopped at the somewhat dingy pizzeria because it seemed like the only place around to grab a bite to eat. Once inside, we realized we had discovered a hidden gem.

The pizza maker, who barely speaks English, told us he hails from Palermo, Sicily and has been making pies for 41 years. On the wall, toward the back of the place, are vintage black and white photos of the old country, featuring the pizza maker with friends and family.

Authentic?  No doubt.

There was a tomato, onion, basil and mozzarella pie in the oven, so we ordered slices, figuring it would be fresh. One bite and we knew we had struck pizza pay dirt. The crust was crispy, the toppings, which included fresh-picked local tomatoes and basil, were impeccably fresh.

“They’re from his garden,” one of the countermen said, pointing to the pizza maker who was shoving another pie in the oven.

I can’t vouch for the pies lined up on the warming tray. “They’ve been sitting here 45 minutes,” the counterman said, shrugging when I asked him if they were as good as the heavenly pizza we had just wolfed down.

So if you’re on the North Fork for the weekend, stop by The Sicilian, where you can also order pasta, heroes, and other standard Italian-American fare.

The Sicilian
55 Route 48 (North Road)
Mattituck, NY  11952
631 298 1947

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