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Upper West Side: Riverside Park Marks 400 Year Hudson Celebration

Photo by Juanfrans via flickr.
Photo by Juanfrans via flickr.

Everybody’s celebrating the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s sail up the river that now bears the Dutch explorer’s name. What better place to mark the the event than….Hudson Beach Cafe in Riverside Park at 105th Street?

On Sunday, you can drop into the cafe, down some oysters and take a peak at the river. There’s beer to drink and things for the kids to do too. And if you want your dog to join in the festivities, there’s a dog park right across the way.

Here are the details.  For other Hudson-related events in the park this weekend, click here.

Riverside Park Oyster Festival 2009

Saturday, September 12; 3 - 9 pm
Hudson Beach Cafe (105th Street in the Park)

Celebrating 400 years along the Hudson River. Enjoy freshly shucked oysters, beer, great food, activities for children, and live music all day at the Hudson Beach Cafe. Admission is free; food and drink can be purchased.

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