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Upper West Side: Cafe de Soleil Quiets Down

It’s been at least a year since I’ve eaten at Cafe de Soleil on Broadway at 104th Street. Why shun this charming neighborhood bistro? Because I value my hearing.

Photo: Cafe de Soleil.

Photo: Cafe de Soleil.

Simply put, the last time I was there, the place was unbearably noisy. In fact, my hubby and and I wound up spending the entire evening screaming at each other—no we weren’t having an argument—in a vain attempt talk while we ate.

This afternoon, we were walking by Cafe de Soleil and decided to give it another try. Amazing. They’ve essentially taken care of the ear-splitting noise level. Maybe they’ve stuffed the ceiling with cotton balls.

The food by the way, was quite good. My hubby had a burger, cooked rare to his specifications. I had vol au vent aux ouefs a la russe, basically a mess of scrambled eggs in a puff pastry shell with a helping of smoked salmon and asparagus on the side. We also got an order of garlic fries. Embedded in the cone of frites are whole roasted garlic cloves. Very yummy.

If you’re looking for a bargain, Cafe de Soleil offers a Monday night special, $12.95 for your choice of eight different cuts of steaks and burgers.

Cafe de Soleil
2723 Broadway
(between 104th St & 105th St)
New York, NY
212 316 5000

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