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Food Trucks: Cupcake Stop, Rickshaw Dumpling Arrive on Upper West Side (Sort Of)

Photo: Laura B. Weiss

Today, I spotted Cupcake Stop and Rickshaw Dumpling trucks on the Upper West Side. OK, they were parked a couple of blocks south of Columbus Circle. But that’s at getting pretty close.

I asked the Cupcake Stop guy why they didn’t park further up on the Upper West Side

Cupcake Stop Guy:  We’re at 99th St.

Me:  Where on 99th?

CSG:  99th and Madison.

Me:  That’s the Upper East Side.

CSG:  We only go where there are lots of people.

Me:  How about around Columbia.  There are lots of hungry people there.

CSG: Is that in the 60s?

Then I gave up trying to teach this guy New York geography and got a red velvet cupcake. I’m happy to report the cupcake was sensational, rich and moist with just the right dollop of cream cheese frosting.

Photo: Laura B. Weiss

Photo: Laura B. Weiss

Next, I went over to Rickshaw Dumpling.  I decided not to administer my geography quiz. Instead, I just ordered chicken basil dumplings and that were light and savory.

I sat down in Columbus Circle, and ate my food gazing northward, trying to spy a food truck.

For the location of the  Cupcake Stop ,see their Twitter feed:@cupcakestop

For the locations of Rickshaw Dumpling, see their Twitter feed: @ricksawbar

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