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5 Napkin Burger: A Second Taste at the Upper West Side Locale

Hamburger: Photo by by aktivioslo via Flickr.

Even though New York magazine says burgers are out and sandwiches are in (isn’t a burger a sandwich???), we had a yen for a really good hamburger tonight. Opting for local, as in the Upper West Side, we settled with some trepidation on 5 Napkin Burger on Broadway.

As is typical of many Upper West Side mid-range restaurants, the place was jammed with families and locals. To be honest, I had never understood the appeal of 5 Napkin Burger.The couple of other times I’ve eaten there, the meat was dry and overcooked. Plus, there was so much glop—in the form of Gruyère cheese, rosemary aioli sauce and caramelized onions—that the burger itself was almost an afterthought.

Tonight, however, was a total home run.The meat was bursting with flavor. Plus, the juicy patty came medium rare just as I ordered it. One big improvement: I asked for no cheese and the sauce came on the side. That meant, instead of a cheese and sauce sandwich, I got a burger—and I could actually taste the beef.

For a quick burger fix, 5 Napkin Burger does the trick for Upper West Side carnivores.

5 Napkin Burger: Upper West Side
2315 Broadway @ 84th Street
212 333 4488

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1 comment to 5 Napkin Burger: A Second Taste at the Upper West Side Locale

  • Bill

    While 5 napkin is decent, the over powering rosemary gets me. It takes away from the meat. For me the solid mid range price burger is pj clarks near lincoln center. I would say shake shack but the endless line of strollers keeps me away.

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