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Passover: Chozen Ice Cream-A Lighter Finish to that Heavy Seder Meal

Photo: Laura B. Weiss

Chozen Ice Cream, concocted by three New York women, with names and ingredients that tap into the shtetl/Jewish culinary tradition—from Matzoh Crunch to the newest flavor, Apples and Honey, is a great finish to your Seder meal. Let’s face it, Haroseth, pot roast and matzoh ball soup (hopefully, of the non-cannonball variety), calls for a light finish laced with Jewish food memories. That’s what you get with kosher Chozen.

The ice cream comes in 6 flavors:

* Ronne’s Ruglach
* Matzoh Crunch
* Coconut Macaroon
* Chocolate Gelt
* Chocolate Babka
* Apples and Honey

Come sample Chozen at a New York Writers Workshop multi-author reading at the JCC May 2, 6-8 pm.  I’ll also be reading from my new book, Ice Cream: A Global History.

My personal flavor is creamy, chunky Chocolate Gelt (ok, wrong holiday), but I also enjoy Apples and Honey (again, wrong holiday, but it’s all Jewish and it’s ice cream, so who cares?), with a subtle taste of honey that ripples through the ice cream.  These ice creams tend to veer slightly toward the sweet side, so serve them with fruit, or something like Melissa Clark’s Crunchy-Topped Whole-Wheat Plum Cake. (Try substituting matzoh meal for the flour.)

Here’s where you can buy Chozen:

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