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Upper West Side: Colorful Cocktails and More at Publicolor Fundraiser

Cocktails, a dinner and Soledad O’Brien, the CNN news person will headline a fundraiser at to raise funds for Publicolor, a program for disadvantage youth, on Monday, April 15.

Publicolor puts together groups of students and teaches them how to paint, not on  canvases, but on the walls of their schools. The idea is that the teens will benefit from the disciplined teamwork of completing commercial painting projects. Students also receive tutoring, as well as other support services.

Cocktails and dinner are included in the minimum contribution of $500. But helping these at-risk youth is the real goal of the evening.

Where: Martin Luther King Junior High School, 122 Amsterdam Avenue (65/66th Streets)

Time: 6:00pm Colorful Cocktails + Painting Stations; 7:30pm, Seated Dinner and  Silent Auction.

Mandy Gonzalez and Eliseo Roman will perform two numbers from their 2008 quadruple Tony Award - winning show, Best Musical, In the Heights.

Tickets: 212.213.6121 or, or

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