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Spices and Tease Opens on Broadway on the Upper West Side


Spices and Tease (no, it’s not a strip joint), a shop selling teas, salts and spices, will be opening on Broadway mid-summer. What a relief from the madly mushrooming Dunkin’ Donuts in the area. Located between 97th and 98th street, the new spice store will carry 30 varieties of homemade spice blends, an array of salts and 180 types of teas. Spices and Tease is actually a place I might frequent in the area above 96th Street, which is still somewhat of a retail desert.

Operating near Naples and in Paris and the South of France since 1933, the company has been selling spices, teas and salts in the US since 2003. Though the spice merchants have sold their wares at Greenmarkets around the city and at the Green Flea at 77th and Columbus, this is the company’s first retail location.

In addition to spices, salts and other items to purchase, the store will serve pastries and teas, according to its web site.

Some of the items for sale include:

  • fish and seafood spices
  • Moroccan Tajine Blend
  • 18 different peppers
  • more than  13 types of gourmet salt
  • over 70 original spices and seeds
  • 25 herbs and botanical plants
  • 180 teas

Here’s a partial list of spices:

African Bird Pepper

Blue Poppy Seeds

Caraway Seeds

Cardamom Seeds

Cayenne Pepper Whole (Pili-Pili)

Fennel Seeds


Green Anise Seeds

Herbes de Provence

Juniper Berries

Mustard Seeds





Star Anise


Vanilla Beans

Salts and peppers include:

Black Lava

Fleur de Sel

Green Hawaiian

Tomato Basil

Black Pepper

Cubeb Pepper (Java)

Green Pepper

Long Pepper

Teas include:



Fruit blends

Herbal blends

Spices and Tease

2580 Broadway
between 97th and 98th streets
New York, NY 10025


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