My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

Bike the Back Streets of Key West

Some say that Key West is a trashy tourist trap with a trail of tchotchke shops strung along Duval Street, the town’s main drag. Once you’ve snagged a neon-hued flamingo you can stop by one of the many bars for a drink. In fact, many people come to this semitropical island at the southernmost tip [...]

Flushing’s New World Mall Food Stalls: Not Your Mother’s Food Court

By now, the Flushing malls, with their compact food booths from which emerge some dazzling regional Chinese dishes, are a well-known stomping ground for the culinarily curious. The New World Mall, which opened last year, is hidden on the lower floor of a nondescript office building on Flushing’s bustling Main Street, the predominantly Chinese area’s [...]

Running with Knives: How Not to Greet the Knife Grinder’s Truck

Tired of sawing through onions and watching your garlic hop around the counter? All it takes is $15 for the itinerant knife grinder, Mike Palotta, to sharpen three of your very dullest chef’s knives. Except don’t wrap your knives in a flimsy dish towel (sorry, that’s the way my mom did it) and run down [...]

Want Customers for Your New Food Business? Site Links Food Entrepreneurs with Buyers

BookofCooks provides a platform for food entrepreneurs to launch their businesses.

Food and Things Changes Course

Happy New Year to all! Yes, I know Food and Things hasn’t been too active lately.  But now I’m back and I’ve decided to change the blog’s focus.  West Side Rag is covering the Upper West Side, including the food scene brilliantly. (I’m one of its columnists.)  So it’s time to move on and cover [...]