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Thanksgiving: Gluten Free Baking

The NY Daily News ran a story Friday on a gluten-free baking class that’s given at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. Yes, it’s a schlep, but if you have someone in your family with a gluten allergy or celiac disease, learning how to make goodies that won’t make them ill may [...]

West Village: Baking Book on the Program at James Beard House

A collection of baking wisdom from America’s immigrant communities sets A Baker’s Odyssey apart from other baking books. You can hear author Greg Patent talk about his work at the James Beard House this Wednesday (see details below).
Gothamist had this to say about this fascinating cookbook.
It’s rare when a book causes the sudden desire [...]

Baking with Celiac Disease

The Washington Post ran a story on baking with celiac disease. My daughter, an expert baker, struggles to find the right flour combinations that will yield a moist and tender cake or pie. Another challenge: may celiacs have problems with dairy products, so what do you use as a butter substitute?

Bake and Share

I love to bake though I don’t get much of a chance-everyone in my family is always on diets so I get yelled at if I make some great, yummy cake or pie. Plus, my daughter has celiac disease and that limits what I can do. (The daughter, FYI, makes great gluten-free and dairy-free desserts; [...]

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