My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

Blueberry Pancake Eating Contest at Fairway Upper West Side

Blueberry pancake contest and recipe.

Upper West Side: Key West Diner Reopens as Manhattan Diner on Upper Broadway

Garish appears to be the decor of choice for any diner that’s located on Broadway between 94th and 95th streets. Manhattan Diner, a remake of the venerable Key West Diner, hews to that course with a mishmash of blues, reds and yellows, evoking an 80s disco down on its luck. (This new Manhattan Diner is [...]

Want Great Oatmeal? Try Metro Diner on the Upper West Side

For great oatmeal, stop by Metro Diner on the Upper West Side. You can make this at home too.

Upper West Side Bakery Levain-Better than a Food Truck

We Upper West Siders need to get creative when it comes to getting our food truck fix. I’ve occasionally seen the Treat Truck on Broadway, but mostly the city’s new food vans leave the UWS out in the cold. In fact, if you live north of Columbus circle-other than the reliably delicious Super Taco on [...]

The Best Coffee and Pastries? Try NY’s Macchiato Espresso Bar

Last Friday, I was lugging my computer down 44th Street just east of Grand Central on my way to catch the Hampton Jitney.  I felt an urge for caffeine that could not be denied. You know the feeling. If you’re not inhaling coffee immediately-as in the next three minutes-you’re going to have yourself a good [...]