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East Village: Two Bakeries, the Old and the New

I’m a total sucker for bakeries. I can’t resist their intoxicating aroma of butter and sugar. So, on my lunch hour recently, I dropped into two East Village bake shops. One is an old kosher bakery left over from the days when the East Village was an ethnic enclave. Another [...]

Teddie’s Apple Cake

I don’t know how I missed this, but the New York Times Magazine on Nov. 11 reminisced about one of the great desserts of all time-Teddie’s Apple Cake.
I’ve been making this yummy, coffee-cake like treat for years. Lately, my daughter made it so that it’s gluten and dairy free. Amazingly, it was still [...]

Upper West Side: Great Babka at Zabar’s

The New York Times food section story on babka, the sinfully-rich coffee cake-like Jewish confection that’s often served during Hanukkah, really brought back memories. Back in the day, when I was growing up in Rockville Centre on the Island, George’s bakery (owned by a Greek family, no less, who produced NY State Senate Deputy [...]

Bake and Share

I love to bake though I don’t get much of a chance-everyone in my family is always on diets so I get yelled at if I make some great, yummy cake or pie. Plus, my daughter has celiac disease and that limits what I can do. (The daughter, FYI, makes great gluten-free and dairy-free desserts; [...]

Coconut Cake vs. Red Velvet

Yesterday, the Times waxed ecstatic about red velvet cake. To me, the quintessential southern dessert — and one of the great food experiences -is coconut layer cake. Not that I don’t love a big slab of red velvet, but the crunch of the coconut and a buttery icing swaddling a coconut layer cake can’t be [...]

Love that Layer Cake

The LA Times has declared cupcakes dead and layer cakes positioned for dessert stardom. Cupcakes are a tease, though they do have their partisans like the folks at “All Cupcakes, All the Time.” One bite and it’s gone. Layer cakes can be savored, bite by bite, frosting lick by frosting lick. My mother made an [...]

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