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New York Chocolate Map

MUG, otherwise known as Manhattan User’s Guide, has performed an important public service. In today’s feature on noteworthy new and historic NY maps, it provides a link to a map of a New York’s chocolate emporiums.
Chocoholics-this one’s for you:
New York City Chocolate GuideRobert K. Chin has thoughtfully tracked notable chocolates uptown and down. His [...]

Valentine’s Day: Cheese and Chocolate; Cheese and Pickles

OK, I think pairing cheese with chocolate is a little, uh, strange. But for the truly cheese- obsessed, some of these pairings, offered by Saxelby Cheesemongers and Roni-Sue Chocolates, may be just the thing to ignite your sweetie’s passion. And if you’re in a sour mood when it comes to your honey, why [...]

Valentine’s Day: Wine and Chocolate

Want to delight your honey on Valentine’s Day? What could be better than the sure-fire combo of wine and chocolate?

50 Ways to Keep Your Lover
By Natalie MacLean
Click here for the podcast of the story.
Want to seduce someone this Valentine’s Day? Just share a glass of wine (or three) with your sweetheart. Wine is liquid [...]

Upper West Side: Great Babka at Zabar’s

The New York Times food section story on babka, the sinfully-rich coffee cake-like Jewish confection that’s often served during Hanukkah, really brought back memories. Back in the day, when I was growing up in Rockville Centre on the Island, George’s bakery (owned by a Greek family, no less, who produced NY State Senate Deputy [...]

Riverhead, LI, New York: Star Confectionery Store

It was pouring cats and dogs today so it seemed like a good time to check out Star Confectionery in Riverhead, Long Island on what’s left of the town’s old main commercial drag. Approaching the nearly 100-year old luncheonette, I started to get depressed. Store after store on Riverhead’s Main Street stands empty. Meanwhile, on [...]

Chocolate Tasting Fun

When I was a kid, I used to engage in endless arguments with my cousin, Jeff, about the relative merits of vanilla and chocolate. He was a vanilla guy; I was a chocolate gal. Still, for all that, I’ve never been much of a chocolate maven. Lately that’s changed as I’ve gotten to love — [...]

San Francisco: Ferry Terminal Market

It’s amazing to travel to the San Francisco area and see that produce can be fresh and enticing at a time -early spring — when in New York the Greenmarket is just emerging from its winter slumber.
At the Ferry Terminal Market in San Francisco, there are only a few produce stands but the oranges, and [...]

New York Restaurant: Chanterelle

For my birthday, we went out twice, first to Chanterelle, then to Jazz Standard which uses the restaurant upstairs, Blue Smoke (a Danny Meyer eatery), for its excellent ribs and other Southern-themed food. For me, it’s one of the few places in New York where you can find very good ribs, mac and cheese and [...]

Passover: An All Chocolate Seder

So, let’s ask it again. Why is this night different from all other nights? Well, I guess it’s because the seder has now gone all-chocolate. Could Moses and the gang have survived for 40 years in the desert on chocolate truffles? What if the children of Israel had had to discern [...]

Italy: Which is best?

The New York Times Food Section has pitted Emilia-Romagna against Piedmont. Why force readers to choose between agnolotti and tortellini? Each has its gustatory delights. It seems like a silly, trumped up competition. Apparently, Piedmont has “an edge” because its food is concentrated in the middle of a meal or the center of a plate.” [...]

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