My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

Cascabel UWS: Tacos Disappoint But Other Dishes Shine

Before Hurricane Irene, Cascabel on Broadway at 108th Street was one of the few restaurants in the area that was open. That was also true immediately after the storm had sped north to New England. So I wound up eating there twice in two days. The tiny place was a mob scene, filled to overflowing [...]

Julian Medina and Pichet Ong Open Cuban Diner Coppelia

Anything Cuban—music, food, you name it—and I’m there, instantly. Coppelia Diner, a joint venture of famed chefs Pichet Ong and Julian Medina, is a warm casual spot for chowing down on traditional and inventive Cuban and Latin American specialties. And then there are Ong’s fabulous confections to finish off the meal. I’ve been to Cuba [...]