My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

In Time for Your Passover Seder: Rabbi Mints Sold on Upper West Side

What does it take for a Rabbi and an ad man and an entrepreneur to create a new product? Ad man Richard Kirshenbaum, entrepreneur David Mitchell and Rabbi Adam Mintz (get it???) of Congregation Rayim Ahuvim in New York City launched kosher Rabbi Mints March 21 just in time for the Passover season with its [...]

Halloween Recipe: Pumpkin Seed and Popcorn Brittle

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

Stop filching candy from your kids’ Halloween stash. Instead, while you’re trick-or-treating, bring along Pumpkin Seed and Popcorn Brittle by Chef Renee to munch on! on. Be careful! Even though these treats are kind of healthy, they’re sweet and rich—perfect for kids too!
For more Halloween treats see Chef Renee’s recipe for Candy [...]

Halloween: Dylan’s Candy Bar May Move to the Upper West Side

Love candy? The possibility, according to Grub Street, that Dylan’s Candy Bar may be planning a  move to the Upper West Side on Amsterdam Ave. in the 70s should make your sweet tooth—and maybe your dentist—ache with sugar-induced joy. The candy emporium denies that a move to the Upper West Side is definitely in the [...]

Chocolate: Jacques Torres Talks About His Upper West Side Store

Jacques Torres talks about Upper
West Siders’ taste in chocolate and what he might make for the Jewish holidays.

Upper West Side: Doorman Aids the Tooth Fairy with Delivery of Candy, Money

Ever wonder whether the tooth fairy has, um, an assistant-especially if you live in a NY apartment? Find out the inside scoop in my story for Brickunderground.  Yes, there’s a food angle. Sometimes kids get candy left under their pillows and this particular doorman hands out candy every week—even to those kids who still [...]