My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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New Hotel Set to Open in Greenport on Long Island’s North Fork

A new hotel-Bego Azair Hotel-may open any time now, at least that’s the word on the street in Greenport on Long Island’s North Fork. “Maybe July 1,” said a worker putting what looked to be the finishing touches on the shingled Victorian building when asked about the expected opening date. The renovated structure, located on [...]

Best Birthday Cake in NY Area? Greenport’s Butta’ Cakes Delivers Again

I loathe birthday cake—too sweet, to sticky-icky. But Butta’ Cake’s birthday cake is a thing of joy—no matter what age you’re turning. (See my review of Butta’ Cakes luscious cupcakes) For my hubby’s birthday, I ordered a chocolate cake with mocha icing. We’re big fans of the cupcakes from this small East End bakery located [...]

North Fork: Nello’s Owner to Open New Restaurant in Greenport

Is Greenport, on the North Fork of Long Island becoming unbearably gentrified?  You draw your own conclusions. But one sign of the times is the looming presence of a North Fork version of Nello, the Upper East Side boite that’s home to the rich and hoping-to-be-rich. The Greenport eatery is to be called Seaweed and [...]

North Fork, LI: Greenport Brewery Opens

Long Island beer lovers and visitors to the North Fork, take note: Greenport Harbor Brewing Company has opened for business. These are not suds for whimps; Greenport Harbor’s beer is very hoppy. But I especially loved the Summer Ale, which is light and fruity. Head Brewer DJ Swanson told me he injects honey into the [...]

Best Cupcakes in New York Area? Greenport’s Butta’ Cakes Delivers Bliss

Update: Butta’ Cakes Birthday Cakes: The Best in NY Area? If you’re looking for a great cupcake-one of the best I’ve sampled-you’ll have to drive a couple of hours to Greenport on Long Island’s North Fork. There, you’ll find vineyards laced with vines just beginning to bud. But the sumptuous cupcakes at new Greenport Bakery [...]