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Warm and Fuzzy Food

Chow makes the point that the New York Times’ Wednesday piece on warm and fuzzy “greenwashed” ad copy for organic and proto-organic food products offers a way to distinguish the green from the not-so-green. Says Chow:
If you read the text of the packaging—the “family history” stuff—on a box of My Family Farm cookies, [...]

Cloning OK with the FDA

As if hormones in our beef weren’t bad enough, now the FDA has decided that cloned animals can be the source of our meat and milk. Eating organic may help those who don’t want their beef and milk engineered, but that’s not guaranteed since labeling probably won’t be required. This is a frightening development. For [...]

Hormone Watch

It came as an early Christmas present: last week, we learned that breast cancer rates have fallen sharply in the last several years. Why? Well, because American women are ingesting fewer post-menopausal concoctions in the form of hormone replacement therapy or HRT. These combos of estrogen and progestin were supposedly designed to stave off wrinkles, [...]

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